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Table star – Garosu-gil

Table star – Garosu-gil

One fine day of the beginning of the winter, I took a walk at the Garosu-gil. It’s beautiful at this season as I mentioned “Fantastic style in fall”. The gingko trees were still beautiful and getting yellow. Choosing the good restaurant at the Garosu-gil is not easy because too many ones are there.

The good place serving the waffle and salad that I’ve been visited came to mind, so I turn to back street. In the middle of the way, some cute exterior design of the restaurant showed.

Table star in Garosu-gil

At the entrance, Cute graphic image greeted the visitor with the bright tone of the staff saying “Hi”. He was waiting until I finished to take a picture and guided to the seat. My choice was ‘Herb marinade chicken with mushroom cream fettuccine’ one of the best menu of this restaurant. There are ‘lunch menu’ with cheaper price and ‘set menu’, pizza, pasta and drink, all in one, cheaper than each one of them.

The gorgeous arched windows make you feel like in Europe. After ordering, I complimented the interior design. The staff answered “the owner is the interior designer” with a smile. Oh, I see. Well, The owners are interior designer and fashion designer, they already famous for this in the media. I found out on the internet later. And they said the staffs are professional models.

Table star in Garosu-gil

Table star consists of 3 spaces. You can see the main door on the left in picture 1. Walking upon the stair, the main space appears – picture 2. It has a door, picture 3, through the second room, picture 4. 4 tables, Kitchen and counter are in here. Picture 4 is taken at the top of the stair of picture 3. There is the third room under the plastic roof beside of this small spot through the arched door. It’s behind of the car in picture 1.

The trademark of this place “Crispy honey potato chips” was served as an appetizer. Crispy. Yummy. But, be careful, try not to have too much, because we’re waiting for the main dish.

Table star in Garosu-gil

Cream fettuccine

Main dish Cream fettuccine was served soon. The texture of the noodle was al dente, the chicken was roasted moderately and cream sauce gave a perfect flavor. Fantastic. The chopped green onion on the top added seasoning. Chicken is my favorite meat. This one was tender, right thickness and had an appropriate moisture. They use domestic ones.

The taste of those was mixed in the best way, all together.

Table star in Garosu-gil

Pasta : between ₩10,000~20,000. Set menu : ₩30,000~40,000 or more. Steak : over ₩30,000.

Delicious foods, nice service and joyful to look around inside of it before your meal.

Happy daily.

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