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CafeView – Incheon International Airport

CafeView – Incheon International Airport

Sunny afternoon with mild temperature, it was good to go somewhere. At my working place, it’s easy to get Airport Express. Well, there was no choice. After work, leaving Hong-dae jam packed with people on the Saturday afternoon, I headed to Incheon airport. As I mentioned before, using Airport Express could be a nice day trip.

Incheon International Airport was selected as the Best Airport Worldwide for seven consecutive years in the annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey conducted by the Airports Council International which has 1,700 world airports as its members. It became a community, cultural area for the local people, visitors and travelers. Some worry about privatization of Incheon Airport.

Right front of the gate of Airport Express, the ice skating rink told that  Christmas is coming. Children and their mothers are chatting and laughing, all the family members in there looked happy, enjoyed mid November.

As usual, I went to 4F to go to Airstar Terrace. At this place, you can see the airplanes’s departure and arrival. But observation platform including Airstar Terrace was under construction and blocked by 29 November. With disappointment, Second option was ‘Cafeview’. You can look around whole inside space of the airport.

Cafeview -  Iincheon Airport

It offers pizzas, spaghetti and beverages. Most of the meals in here is under ₩20,000, except 10% tax. Not bad food, service and good scenery.

Happy daily.

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