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Il Cipriani – Coex

Il Cipriani – Coex

Hyundai department store, Coex, Seoul, is a busy place on weekends. As usual, it was crowded with people and also Il Cipriani in there. The space was quite small and all the staffs looked busy. I and my companion sat at a table for two, just a table and only two chairs, then there was not enough room for our big winter coats and bags. May be that’s why some people didn’t take off their coats. Between the table to table was too tight. When we ordered, staff was kind but he hurried and his talk was so fast. We choose Seafood Spaghetti & Salad without ham or cheese.

The food was great. Pasta noodles and sauce were quite perfect for me and seafood was fresh and delicious. But, salad, it contained big pieces of parmesan cheese and salami ham.

Even if the tastes of the quite great foods, but it was hard to enjoy the meals. I’m not sure that the prices are reasonable. Next time, I’ll visit the branch restaurant in Dosan Park.

Pasta & Salad ₩10,000 ~ 30,000

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