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Paul Bassett – Euljiro

Paul Bassett – Euljiro

Having a coffee in Paul Bassett, the name of the most famous barista in the world and also the coffee shop brand itself, in Center 1, Euljiro, is a good experience and pleasurable satisfaction. The main color of the counter consisted of dark brown tone, the coffee bean color, gives class to the shop. You can feel the great tastes of coffee in the gorgeous designed place.

Paul Bassett, the World Champion Barista when he was 25, opened his first espresso bar/coffee Roastery concept store in Ginza, Tokyo, it was a collaboration with world patisserie champion Tsujiguchi. This kind of concept, combined with other elements, is also maintained at here. The bakeries displayed on the corner of the counter attract the people’s attention while they order the coffee.

With just only one mouthful of coffee, the flavor of it resonates with the softness of the milk and you cannot help smiling. Well, most of the coffee manias prefer espresso rather than adding milk or something other but my favorite is always a latte. Visiting this place is liable to be more frequent.

Paul Bassett - Euljiro

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