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When you need a hot soup

When you need a hot soup

The people who have been in Korea from foreign country on a flight, get back to the homeland from abroad or translating to other subway line to go home after their work, all together get on the escalator to the ground. This is Seoul station. The center of all transports. Arex stations are usually located on the F4~5 not only in Seould station, but also the others. So it could be a long way. If you have lots of luggage, the elevator is a good choice. The end of the long way, you will be exhausted and want to have a warm soup, especially in this cold weather. At that moment, the right restaurant is coming out in front of you. Noodle king.

The space is quite small and it has only one bar as you can see. So the people on the way trip can easily come and go even if you’re alone. Whenever I saw this place, the table was always full but you can have a seat just only in a minute. Don’t underestimate the taste.

Noodle King - Seoul station

Menu is so simple. 5 kinds of noodles, kimbap, mandu and rice ball. Prices are between 2,000~7,500. I ordered a wonton noodle soup. While waiting for my meal, people are coming and going. My soup was served soon and taste was so great. All the chilliness was gone away. I couldn’t help stop eating and saw the bottom of the ball.

The inside of the shop is quite small, so it didn’t appreciate for the group of business meeting, but when you’re on the way home and get hungry, it’s good to be.


After your meal, if you go next shop with the receipt, K-grill, you can have a cup of coffee in the discounted price.

Happy daily.

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