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Book Cafe Changbi – Hongdae

Book Cafe Changbi – Hongdae

The spiral shaped stairs, the flowers blooming wall… The entrance of book cafe Chanbi is unique. It’s like walking in the installation art work. Walking up through the narrow, spiral shaped stair slowly, not the straight forward one, passing by the flower garden, with the curiosity, you’re getting calm, ready for meeting the book. Then, a white clean space is unfolded.

One side of the wall is full of shelves with the books by Changbi publisher, known for quarterly magazine ‘Changbi (Creation and Criticism)’, founded in 1966.

The modern style interior makes this place professional for the books. It looked calm and quiet, seemed like a book gallery or museum. The atmosphere was solemn, but the manager unhesitatingly complied with my request for taking a photo of this place.

Cafe Changbi - Hongdae

Some people were criticizing about the controversial theme of literature, It’s quite a different scene depending on the other book cafes. Others are like the public libraries that students study, but this one is a home library with professionals.

Cafe Changbi - Hongdae

New released Best seller, My Exploration of Cultural Heritage (vols. 7), by Hong-june Yu, a professor of art history, on the table at the center of the cafe.

Cafe Changbi - Hongdae

Sitting on the chair by the big window, having tranquil bamboo trees outside, like an oriental painting, I read ‘Creation and Criticism, winter,2012’, drinking a hot chocolate. The strong wind came outside. I could feel the bamboo trees moving with it. I looked out of the window, moving of trees.

This silent cafe transforms to the event hall depending on the situation. There were meetings with writers and also two presidential candidates in the main room. The multi-room, smaller one, is appropriate for about 20 people’s private events with the digital devices. They offer catering service collaboratively with the Korean, organic farming restaurant, 1F of the building.

Cafe Changbi - Hongdae

When I was about to leave the cafe, the staff came to me and give these presents. Sets of Calendar of Hong-june Yu. It must be the event products for new publishing of his book, My Exploration of Cultural Heritage vol.7. She said Yu took the picture of it directly. What an honor! I repeated “Thank you so much”.

Happy daily.

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Location : 370-17,  2F, changbi Seogyo building, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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