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Book Cafe Jamo – Hongdae

Book Cafe Jamo – Hongdae

Nearby Hapjung station, at the backstreet of small restaurants and cafes, the big screen of ‘Hwang Sok-yong’ the famous novelist in Korea was hung on the window of a cafe. It’s easy to find out this building is related to  the publication.

The book cafe is run by publishing company Jeaum & Moeum. Jeaum & Moeum means the elements of Korean letters. This publishing company aims for the professionalism and also the popularity. This book cafe is one of offensive marketing strategy.

Jamo - Hongdae

Most of the tables were occupied, but there are enough room between tables to get relaxed and enjoy the coffee. The beverages are self-service. The sound of music was a little loud, there was chatting each other and some people watch DMB without taking an earphone, so the atmosphere looks more free  and commercial than other book cafe. It has a branch store elsewhere.

Jamo - Hongdae

The ceiling height is high and the wall has a round shaped windows. The pendant lamp on the ceiling gave a pleasant light for the tables and also on the white wall having typography of literature sentences, they make some picture themselves. In the evening the mood will be pleased to drink a wine with friends.

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