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The blueito/ leather goods – Hongdae

The blueito/ leather goods – Hongdae

In Hongdae area, there are always enjoyments of finding good places. This place is also that one. It was on the way to the book cafe ‘wisdomrabbit’. Passing by back street of Yanghwa-ro, there was the dim light from the small store. If it was on the daytime, I could have not even recognized it. Came up with that,”The leather crafts shop” was printed on the door. looked inside of the window, with my curiosity, I walked in.

The blueito/ leather goods - Hongdae

The blueito/ leather goods - Hongdae

“Hello, May I help you?”

The bright voice of young pretty woman greeted me and made me feel good so I would stay even in a tiny space. It’s more workshop rather than a store. The few products near by window were all that customer can buy right away. She said, it’s run by make-to-order. There was nothing to do leaving it so I turned to the door, she gave me a business card, written in English. I asked, if the foreigners like this products, then she said, yes. Our dialogue was continued.

She starts leather crafts from 2009. After studying sculpture in the university, she sold the interior ornaments from foreign country for a while. Some of them remained here and there played as the interior ornaments in the shop. Basic products are handmade bags and accessories. Those are made in the European style. That means design of inside of the products are important same with the outside. Sometimes inside of the design is more color and fancy rather than outside. You can see the only surface of the leather without backside on the products.

While I’m taking a photo of the shop, she played with her two cats. There were cat shaped accessories and the products made by her in the shop. She liked to smile, so it was great to talk to her, like an old friend, but when it came to talk about her work, her face turned seriously, so quickly, looked professional.

The blueito/ leather goods - Hongdae

Happy daily.

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Location : 1F, 370-32, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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