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Cafe The Famous Lamb – the coffee shop, Hongdae

Cafe The Famous Lamb – the coffee shop, Hongdae

Whenever I get stressed, want some air outside of the office, or hungry, my refuge is this place, the coffee shop Famous Lamb. It’s about 5 minutes distance from my working place. I’ve visited here almost every day, sometimes several times a day, for a morning coffee, or a coffee break at the daytime. They provide high quality drip coffee.

This area is distant from the busy part of Hongdae area, so people’s walk is slower. In the morning, arriving at the working place, I headed for it to have a breakfast.

Famous Lamb - Hongdae

Every morning, they provide breakfast time for the customers. This menu is 5,000, having the unlimited bread with the soup changed every day.

Famous Lamb - Hongdae

The big table is at the center of the shop that everybody can see easily. Not only the breads, rye bread, pastry, potato bread, squid ink bread but also there are fruits, egg fries, bacons. They make these breads on their own.

Famous Lamb - Hongdae

The jam, butter and olive oil&balsamic vinegar were set in advance. The soup was served soon. Great. As I returned after putting the breads, egg fries and bacon on the plate, the coffee was on the table. The egg fried hardened a little. I like soft-boiled egg but it was not bad.

The beverages are extra fee. If you have a cup of coffee in there and leave it, then you can visit there with that receipt for a free coffee at the day.

Famous Lamb - Hongdae

On the weekdays, the most people are office workers or freelancers. Whenever I visit there, there is a man who’s concentrating on the monitor of his notebook. But on the weekends, most of them are family members with little kids. These days, on the early summer, the fruit juice is especially popular. The fruit juice is served in the transparent bottle. Red, orange, green… vivid color juice in the bottle on each table make a beautiful scene in the shop.

Famous Lamb - Hongdae

While lots of guest houses are open, it could be the perfect place for the foreigners. This place is not on the internet map, so it’s hard to find a little. On the opposite side, there is a bakery shop, Pangnamu.

Happy daily.

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Location : 203-30, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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  • Kat Tan


    Found your blog while I was searching for the net for The Famous Lamb Cafe. I was wondering, the breakfast that they offer, are they 5,000won per pax? Buffet style of bread and pastries? How much are their coffee?


    • viofox

      Hello, Kat. 5,000won for each one. Buffet style of bread, pastries, fried eggs and fruits. Beverages are similar, 5~6,000won around.
      Enjoy your time at there. Thank you for your visiting. Happy daily~~


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