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Soop Coffee Flower – Myeoungdong

Soop Coffee Flower – Myeoungdong

My friend said there is a good place to have a meal so we escaped busy street of Myeoungdong, walked to Namdae-mun and stopped waiting for the green signal. Naturally my eyes headed to the buildings opposite side of the road and I murmured “those are like a movie scene of 70~80’s”. That’s it. That’s the right expression for the first impression about that view. So old, so shabby and humble. How is this possible in the middle of these buildings of the city? At that time I didn’t know that our destination is in it.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

They said it was located in Daehack-ro originally and this is a branch shop of it. Well, this vintage style outlook may be right for that area.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

Soop coffee flower. This oasis is hiding in the miserable place so if you don’t have any information about this place, you definitely pass by.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

After pushing the door that seemed not to be opened for a long time, the true nature appealed to me. Just like going to the past by the time machine. I wondered how they could find out this place.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

A guy right beside of the door was sitting by the window that we looked at, hesitating in front of the bicycle outside before entering into it. Maybe he saw us our time. We couldn’t see him inside, but he could see us outside. He was sitting till we got out of it.


The open kitchen is full of something about food. Bowls, cups, grinder, ingredients… all those things look messy but it makes a vintage style itself. Staffs were concentrated on making food in the essence of this place.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

Ginger, Earl grey cream… these ingredients displayed in front of the counter. We can trust their way of cook.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

This place is famous for the organic food. One of their best selling is ‘Honey pumpkin latte’. The highly nutritious and low calorie. Healthy food! It could be a good meal.

Soop Coffee Flower - Myeoungdong

Soop curry rice with fresh veggies, chicken and sunny side up fried egg. Plus extra sausage, cheese topping and bread. So yummy. All the ingredients were fresh and these food made me happy. Delicious.

If you would like to heal with food in the city life, this could be the right place for you.

Happy daily.

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Location : 111-20, Sokong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

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  • dondraper

    This place looks good. And the food is definitely healthy for my stomach and body. I must check out sometime. Thanks for valuable information!


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