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Oursblonc – bakery shop, Hongdae

Oursblonc – bakery shop, Hongdae

Oursblonc. That’s means polar bear, the chef’s nickname of this bakery shop. At the back street of near by Sangsu subway station, the drawing of Oursblonc on the window greets you. It’s located right beside of tea shop, Dajung.

Oursblonc - bakery shop, Hongdae

The interior was different from the last visiting. When we entered the shop, the people were on the line for the bakery taking out. This space was for the visitors for having breads and beverages before. The space of the breads displaced were so small. Maybe that’s why the interior was renewed. Whenever I visited here, the shelves of the breads were empty, but this time we could buy it and maybe the flow of the shop was improved.

The chef’s hands were too busy with packing various kinds of breads. We asked if the Oursblonc drawing of the window means you, then he just smiled.

Oursblonc - bakery shop, Hongdae

The various kinds of breads just out of the ovens were displayed on the long table. The scents of it filled the shop. Even before the table was full with the bread, they’re quickly sold out and the table was empty.

This bakery shop is also the hottest place of the bakery shops in the Hongdae area. They use domestic flour, so it’s easy to digest. Organic, healthy foods.

Happy daily.

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Location : 93-111, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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